4 Amazing YouTube Stats That Matter

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1. 1.5 billion Users

There are more users on this platform than both Instagram and Twitter. YouTube now boasts 1.5 billion users. 75% of those users aged 35 to 54 watch YouTube once a month. It is said that millennials “can’t live without it” and a whopping 96% of online teens now use the platform.

It’s also one of the most popular sites for seniors. While only 11% of YouTube users are 65 or over, that still ranks YouTube at first alongside with LinkedIn and Facebook as the most used network.

2. A Billion Hours Per Day

YouTube now stands only second to Facebook with a billion hours watched per day. Generation X are watching 1.5 billion videos every single day. What type of content are they watching?

A big boom for YouTube has been education and professional growth with 70% of users watching video to help them solve a problem with work or school. This number is even higher for millennials, with 90% using it for self-directed learning alone. It has been coined as the internet’s largest search engine after Google, with common searches being “help me fix my car”.


3. YouTube Advertising Works

Be confident that YouTube videos increase engagement. It ranks in the top three most valuable social platforms for both B2C and B2B. Viewers who see ads are 10 times as likely to engage with your brand, whether that’s subscribing or simply watching more of your videos.

This platform is also great for low-cost budgets. In some cases you’re only paying a few pence per view. The best thing is you are only charged once a viewer watches over 30 seconds of your video. Saturation is actually relatively low on YouTube for advertising compared with other platforms. Costs for ads are likely to increase over the next few years, so the time to upload is now.


4. Live Is More Appealing

YouTube is only second to Facebook for live video ranking. But why should you be using it? 82% of users prefer to watch live video from brands over social posts. It encourages trust and shows transparency. Customers prefer to buy from businesses who are open about who they are and what they do. Live video is a great way to demonstrate this, with behind-the-scenes content being the biggest draw.

Live is also extremely cost-effective. Before it was invented most brands relied on television and broadcasting. Whereas now all you need is good internet connection and a decent smartphone camera.


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