5 Awesome Social Media Hacks for 2017

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1. Create a Facebook Cover Video


Have you noticed that some Facebook Page covers are moving? Yours can too! Because your cover photo is the first thing people will see – use this opportunity to catch their attention. The best marketing advice is to ‘show don’t tell’ – and what better way to show off everything you do as a business than with a captivating video.

TIP: Videos can range from 20-90 seconds and the recommended dimensions are 820 x 456 pixels. Don’t hesitate to ask me for help setting this up: lydia.davis@ingearmedia.co.uk.


2. Make Your Instagram Link Do More


If you haven’t already you should add a link to your Instagram bio. The problem is you can only add one clickable link to your profile’s bio – so many use it to direct users to their website. This link gets replaced and updated by brands all the time to navigate their audience to new blog posts. 


TIP: If you are fed up with constantly updating your Instagram bio link – a great workaround is Linktree. Linktree allows you to link to multiple links, so you can always have the most relevant content on display.


3) Encourage Fans To React To Your Post


Facebook’s reactions have been around for over a year now. If you are a business you should pay good attention to this feature. The reason? They are linked to an algorithm that determines what a user wants to see in their feed. So the more reactions you get for a post – the better your reach. Facebook’s algorithm currently assigns the same value to each reaction, but eventually every reaction will be weighted differently.


TIP: Use your caption or image to prompt your fans to react in a certain way. In the image above I have added the reaction icons that I want my audience to use.


4) Use Multiple Image Posts


Earlier this year Instagram introduced it’s new ‘carousel’ feature to its app. You can now add up to 10 photos or videos to feature in a single post. This means you are no longer limited to a single image to express everything you need to say. Users can now swipe through to see them all. The feature is easy to use – when uploading you’ll see an icon to select multiple items.

TIP: There are many ways to get inventive with this feature. You can show a step-by-step process, explore a panoramic photo that doesn’t fit the square, or showcase several of your new products.


5) Cheat with Spark Adobe

Wonder how some Instagram pages are able to post a stream of beautiful quotes and imagery? If you aren’t savvy with tools like Photoshop it’s not the end of the world. Use programs like Adobe Spark Post. This free-to-use tool allows you to select ready-to-go templates for all your social media pages. 

TIP: Every post you create will include a Adobe logo, so to brand your own posts you will need to upgrade to £10 a month.

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