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1. Share Video

We are living in a video world. This type of content is trending on all social platforms and will account for 80% of all traffic by 2020. 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook everyday, and 82% of Twitter users watch video on that network.

Don’t just talk about your brand, your fans wants to see the faces behind your business. Show off the personalities of your co-workers and create funny or emotionally engaging videos. Storytelling is the best way to engage with people and keep them interested.

You can easily record one video and share it over multiple platforms as Twitter’s maximum length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and the recommended length for Facebook is 1 minute 30 seconds. Ideally, upload all of your video to your YouTube channel as it is still the leading platform with 500 million videos watched everyday.


2. Tag Others

You don’t have to solely share your original content. Sharing content created by others is a great way to offer your fans the most valuable content in your industry. It’s a good idea to draw on the fanscope and expertise of other social creatives to reach a wider audience. If you love someone else’s content, share it but make sure to recognise the creator. Tagging others is a great way to engage fans, friends and influencers to build an engaged community.

Like the way someone has worded their ideas in a written piece of content? Why not create a quote graphic and tag this person? It’s very easy to find their Twitter handle or Facebook page with a quick search. Even if you haven’t directly quoted them, it’s likely that you’ve referenced plenty of other peoples great content when building your blog or videos, so take this as an opportunity to recognise the hard work of others.

Perhaps you’ve asked for the input of your fans. I do this all the time and my followers often give me the best ideas for new content. Whereas it’s easy to ask for input, it’s even better to tag those who gave you the great ideas, and share the recognition.


3. Schedule Content

Organic reach is continuing to decline, so you’ve got to share your posts at the optimum times. Every social network has its most active times of day, and posting during these hours will increase your likelihood of engagement.

But when is the best time to post? I get asked this question a lot and it’s worth noting here that you should consider the most popular days of the week as well as time of day. Posting on the weekend is reported to get you the most engagement on Facebook, with Thursday and Friday coming in close second. Posting on Facebook at 3pm will get you the most clicks, while posting a 1pm will get you the most shares.

What about Twitter? The best time to post on this platform is on Wednesday, at noon and between 5-6pm. This is because peak times are when workers are on their break, or commuting. In fact, 181% of users are more likely to be on Twitter during their commute.

It interesting to note that although LinkedIn is for professionals, the best time to post is still outside of working hours. The best times are 7-8am, 12pm and 5-6pm. Business people are more likely to read LinkedIn in the morning before or after their newspaper. The best days are mid-week. Avoid Mondays and Fridays, and concentrate your best content on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays.

Interestingly, Instagram has a very different set of rules. The best time to post a video on Instagram is actually 9pm. Posting a video on Instagram at 9pm will get you 34% more interactions than any other time. Avoid 3-4pm. The best days are Mondays and Thursdays.

4. Conduct Polls

Instagram has now made it really easy to engage with your audience with poll stickers on their Stories. People are willing to share their opinion and this tool makes it really easy for them to respond. The sticker offers two answers that you can edit to suit your brand’s voice. You’ll get feedback on how many people have seen your story and a percentage from their votes.

Hosting polls not only engages well, but it can also provide valuable information about your customers. Think about what you would really like to know. Polls are a great way to get feedback on your products. Polling can also assist you with your own content generation. Why not get your followers to vote on your next blog topic? This way you are writing specifically for your audience, giving them information on topics that they are already curious about – and they’ll be wanting to see the results of their vote.

5. Join and Post in Groups

With organic reach declining, Facebook groups could be the next best thing to boost your engagement. By joining groups that are related to your industry, you are choosing an audience that are already interested in the kinds of things you want to say.

However, it’s important to remember that groups are places for discussion and it’s best to join in to become a part of that community, rather than spamming them with your content shares. Use these groups as an opportunity to participate in real-time, active discussions.

LinkedIn has over 1.5 million groups and 250 million active users. However, only 3 million of them share on the platform weekly, this means 3 million users are getting 9 billion impressions each week. Users of LinkedIn are seeking expert advice, they want to improve their professional knowledge. This gives you the perfect platform to provide valuable resources for a huge audience.

Facebook allows you to create your own groups and gives you the opportunity to build and engage directly within a particular community. You can create a group by clicking ‘Create Group’ to the left of your news feed and decide on whether you want it to be private or public. To help your followers, fill out your intro with helpful guidelines. This will encourage your following to participate. Use your new group to ask questions, get feedback on your projects and encourage user generated content. This is a great way to engage more directly, and fight against the new algorithms.

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