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Video posts receive 135% more organic reach than photos. By the year 2020 this type of content will also account for a whopping 80% of all traffic. Already 100 million hours of videos are watched everyday on Facebook alone. These simple tips will get you started on your video journey. 

1. Design for Mobile

We are living in a mobile world where browsing is done on-the-go. So the conception of your video must start with mobile screen in mind. Focus on creating square or portrait videos for best results. Facebook and Instagram recently launched vertical videos – which fills up the whole screen of your mobile phone without the user needing to touch it – this in turn is leading to greater engagement with viewers.

All networks, including LinkedIn now allow you to upload natively straight to their platform. Your video will perform much better if you upload it this way, rather than sharing it from YouTube. By posting natively your video will also be ranked higher by the platform and gain 10 times more engagement.


2. Design Without Sound

85% watched of video on Facebook is watched without sound. It is your mission to design videos that can be easily understood and enjoyed with the sound off. For this you can use text overlays, titles and captions that let the viewer know what’s going on. However, when viewers turn the sound on it indicates to Facebook that they’re interested. So keep the camera moving to entice viewers to keep watching.

A talking head will not do. Even with added subtitles. You need to capture your audience with colour, movement and compelling imagery. The app Animoto allows you to use collage and split-screen tools so you can have photos and videos alongside each other. Another great resource is Bitetable. It hosts a library full of pre-built scenes including animation and real footage.

3. Get to the Punchline

Social media is all about instant gratification. You’ve got to get to your punchline straight away. The first 3-7 seconds are the most important, this is where videos see the highest drop-off rate. So you must hook your audience instantly if you want them to stick around. If you haven’t engaged your audience within the first 30 seconds, you’ve lost 33% of your viewers.

If a viewer is deciding whether or not to spend their valuable time watching your video, you should help them out with a punchy description. Viewers will be much more likely stop and watch your video in auto-play if they have some information to go on. You don’t need to explain the video, just provide something that will intrigue.


4. Consider Length

Above you can see the maximum length of video each platform enables you to upload.

When a video pops up on your feed what do you do first? You probably look to see how long the video is. Is it worth your time? Maybe you press play but abandon the video a few seconds in? Snackable content will always outperform longer-form on social media. A 30 second clip will gain many more clicks that a 10 minute video, as people are more are likely to watch it to the end.

HubSpot have found that the recommended time frame for Instagram video is only 26 seconds. Twitter is a little longer at 45 seconds, and it’s best to cap Facebook videos at 1 minute. The only exception to this rule is YouTube.

5. Go Live

With Live videos, people are notified as soon as your session begins. Social media networks have made it easy to stream from your desktop and your phone. If you want to broadcast from multiple cameras download OBS Studio, it’s completely free. BeLive is also a great resource that allows you to bring in guests and have up to 3 people on screen.

To get better engagement consider promoting your live event beforehand. This will allow you to build up audience anticipation, ensuring they’ll tune in in real-time. Always run a test broadcast before every live event to ensure good quality audio and upload speed.


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