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Organic reach on Facebook is continuing to decline, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change. Having a huge following won’t increase your reach either, even large brands with hundreds of thousands of likes have the lowest organic reach at -2%.

Although there are over 60 million businesses on the platform, only 4 million of those are active advertisers. This presents a huge opportunity for Facebook to entice these non-advertisers to consider ads.

In this post you’ll discover how to make your Facebook posts go further.


1. Shareable Content


Your content needs to stand out as people scroll through their Facebook feed. The purpose of your content is to entertain and inspire action – you want someone to pause and think, “I MUST share this right now!”. The way that Facebook’s algorithm works is by rewarding content that engages others. So the more reactions, comments and shares your post receives, the better its potential reach.

Posts featuring people perform better than text, so make the most of the personalities in your company. The post above shows our amazing graphic designer, Dylan Perry, working on our latest project. Another top tip is to repost your most popular content. Once you can identify which posts have received the most attention, you can repost them to grab the attention of people who didn’t see them the first time round.


2. Post Live and Native Video

Video will continue to lead the way for engagement. You can expect 1200% more shares than both text and image posts combined. Native video uploaded straight to Facebook also receive 10 times more reach than videos shared via YouTube.

Facebook’s algorithm actually tracks how much time is spent watching a video and is favouring longer videos. It is suggested that videos should now last between 5-15 minutes. By sharing live content with your followers you are giving them the chance to engage and interact with you in real time. Live gives you the opportunity to answer questions and gauge success by the live reactions.

Be sure to respond to any comments and encourage conversation. It is a good idea to acknowledge those who are interacting with you during your live video by giving them a quick shoutout.


3. Post before paying



So that you can get the most out of your paid efforts in the future, let your posts run for 24 hours before boosting them. Although gaining organic reach is difficult, this method will allow you to better analyse the way your content performs and it will inform your ad strategy.

Creating content that will interest a specific type of Facebook user will need some specific targeting. To better your chances of reach you can use Facebook’s Audience Optimization Tool. You can access this tool by click the targeting icon from your post composer.

Facebook also offers a Preferred Audience Tab which allows you to choose the people you’d like to reach based on their interests. Simply add tags related to your post; people who have shown interest in your topic will be more likely to see it.

After your post has run for the full 24 hours, you can go back and use Facebook’s Audience Insights feature to see exactly how your post performed and adjust your targeting options for your future ad.


4. Use Off-Platform Sources

You can embed your Facebook feed on your blog or website using a plugin. This will help and encourage those who visit your site to visit your Facebook page. You should also add links to specific Facebook posts within your other marketing resources. Whether you feature a specific post within an email, or simply add the Facebook icon in the footer of your blog, email or other sources.

Always make it as easy as possible for people to navigate to your social platforms. This way you are giving those who may not have seen your Facebook content a chance to check it out.

Another great way to connect your website visitors to your Facebook content is by adding buttons to your page. You can place these buttons at the footer of your blog posts. There are currently four options to choose from: Like, share, send, and follow.


5. Paid Promotion


You have the option to pay to boost the reach of your content. Instead of boosting everything, it’s best to first decide upon a clear objective and then allocate your budget accordingly. Do you want to increase engagement, encourage traffic to your website, or simply raise awareness of your brand? If you want to drive people to your website, make sure you include a link in your ad.

It’s best to run your ad for 2-3 days and then pause it for couple of days. This way you can analyse the success of your post and retarget accordingly. Make sure your ad is ‘evergreen’, so you can spread the campaign over many weeks, or even months. Evergreen content is content that will always be relevant, no matter the time of year it is posted. By pausing and reposting in the future you are extending the life of your post and making the most of your budget.


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