5 Social Media Predictions for 2018

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  1. Live video content will continue to grow


What was once a novel gimmick – live video is now dominating Social Media. While Facebook is currently the most popular platform to use it – Instagram is now utilizing its huge potential. It’s clear that the authentic quality of live streaming is capturing a lot of attention and will continue to grow!

2. Chatbots will transform Customer Service


Messaging apps are used by 4 billion users worldwide and is the preferred method of communication among millennials. These apps are allowing brands to connect with customers instantly  – making customer service faster and easier than ever! According to Sprout Social, the need to respond to messages is growing by 18% year after year. To reduce response times brands are now turning to chatbots (software that simulates human-like conversation.)

3. Augmented reality will become even bigger

Instagram and Facebook have now jumped on this growing trend – and it’s not likely to slow down! Augmented reality offers immersive experiences like no other – and we predict that it won’t be long until brands use it to project their products into the homes of social media users.

4. Social media will become the next best platform for purchases


Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all offer ways to make purchases directly in the apps. According to Hubspot, 56% of consumers follow brands on social platforms to browse for products and 31% are using them to purchase items. With shoppable posts, customers will be able to quickly add to cart and checkout without having to leave the app.

5. Ephemeral content


Ephemeral content is content which is short lived – and disappears completely after a period of time. With 10 million daily video views, Snapchat’s championed the craze – and marketers are seeing it’s value. As well as its authentic appeal, short-lived content has the potential to encourage customers into making more purchases. The phenomenon of FOMO (fear of missing out) will encourage users to take fast action.

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