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Need instant access to important files? Maybe you need a place where you can brainstorm ideas with your colleagues? We have put together a list of the top 5 free-to-use tools that will help you do all of this!

Most importantly –  at no extra cost to your business!

1. Dropbox

(A free file hosting site with secure storage and sharing features. Visit Dropbox and start exploring your new way of accessing files!)

Need to access an important file after you’ve left the office? With Dropbox you can securely store all of your important documents in one place – so it doesn’t matter where you are.

Got a last minute upload that a member of your team needs access to? You can move files into a shared space when they are ready! Offering you instant access to upload, amend or share your files across multiple devices and locations – you can stay connected – wherever you are.

You can also save a huge amount of your uploading time. Need to send an entire video file to your Creative Editor? Dropbox it. They don’t need an account to preview or download your file either. Simply send them a link through email, chat or text.

2. Trello

(Make your own interactive to-do list – keeping track of your tasks and projects with Trello.)

If you are running a business you’ve probably got a very long to-do list! Crossing off completed tasks feels great. It’s another small step towards completing that big project. But that list often spills into the next day, and it can be difficult to keep track of what’s been done, by who, and when.

There is an easy way to solve this. Trello allows you to create your own lists – simply categorise them with some colour and allocate them to an individual member of your team.

You can cut down on meeting time too! Need your Content Editor to add some last minute detail? Trello enables you to comment and even upload links to any task. You can even add a deadline – keeping track of the progress of your project from start to finish!

3. Free Images

(Browse through 1000s of free stock images with FreeImages.)

Your website or social profile is the shop window into your business. Catching the eye of your audience requires much less text and better imagery.

FreeImages is a free source for thousands of stock images. They have a huge range of categories – from science and technology to sports and fitness. You can browse the latest posts, most popular visuals, and individual photographers. Free Images is a cost effective way to get great visuals for your business.

4. RealtimeBoard

(RealtimeBoard is your never-ending whiteboard for all your brainstorming needs!)

RealtimeBoard is a never-ending whiteboard. Add thoughts, icons and colour to demonstrate and organise your ideas.  Just like a real whiteboard – you can freely draw around the space – so it’s perfect for brainstorming sessions!

A great way to collaborate with your team – simply invite them to add ideas. They can then interact in real-time – whether they are sat next to you, or in another office entirely!

This tool also helps you to organise those ideas. With handy templates to get you started – use it to collect references, map interfaces and find inspiration.

5. Slack

(Keep track your conversations with Slack, a free platform that hosts your team’s messages.)

Your go to application for improving productivity. If you often find yourself inundated with emails, it can be hard to keep track. Slack offers a shared platform where email conversations are accessible within a single platform.

Because your whole team has access to the conversations, everyone remains informed. This not only reduces amount of emails sent and received within your team, but ensures even the most remote of teams and offices feels connected.

Slack also has a time-saving search feature – enabling to find old conversations quickly!

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